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Pat Griggs, Rita Jones, Lesley Danziger

Our own AAUW-LB women run a $tart $mart Workshop at Orange Coast College for dental assistants. Click on the image to see more photos of the event.


Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

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IT’S SO GRATIFYING TO KNOW that…..Please express my gratitude to all the members of your organization, not only because of the financial support, but mostly for the encouragement you are providing me. This words may sound empty or repetitive, but I  really express them from the bottom of heart because having lived many challenging experiences has taught me that achieving a goal is not a matter of capability; it's a matter of receiving support and encouragement from caring people like you. I development that type of nurturing aspect as a mother, but I really admire you for developing it towards complete strangers. Amongst all the generosity in the world yours stands out because it is of the rare kind of unconditional love toward humanity that only someone great possesses.Thank you very much!


Belinda Orozco

She received an AAUW Scholarship at Saddleback College.


Why do we need to #addwomen to engineering and tech fields? Experts answered that question and many others during AAUW’s latest research report launch.

Graduation season is here! Make sure you or the students in your life walk in style with AAUW’s cords.

What graduation gift costs zero dollars but is priceless? An AAUW Give a Grad a Gift membership.

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TLC Goodman

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AAUW-Laguna Beach is a 501(c) (4) organization. AAUW Laguna Beach Branch is a unique multidimensional group of women in the arts, education, business, science, and law, and community affairs. Together we are working to empower women and girls through education to reach their full potential.